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Nice Card Mean Card: How Nice Guys and Good Girls Can Win at Relationships

Author: Athol Kay

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1543277772
ISBN 13: 978-1543277777

You aren’t crazy for being Too Nice, you just need a new strategy.Nice Card Mean Card cuts clears away all the verbal fluff and misdirection, to show how being Too Nice isn’t some kind of mental disorder, but a learned strategy from childhood. But rather than deep diving into trying to process your childhood like a therapy session, it provides a winning strategy you can use right now to start changing your life.Most books on dealing with being Too Nice can only describe the problem in great depth, and encourage you to solve it. Nice Card Mean Card gives you a four-step plan to stand up for yourself, and improve your relationships.The Nice Card is the Agreeable Yes. The Mean Card is the Disagreeable No.Rule 1: Play Nice Cards by Default.Rule 2: Retaliate against hostile Mean Cards.Rule 3: Resume Nice Cards if they are sorry.Rule 4: Don't feud and try and even up the score.These four rules help you win the power games in your relationship, without turning into an angry ogre, or a horrible person.You also learn;Why being nice doesn’t make people like you.How you got addicted to being Too Nice in the first place.Why it feels emotionally impossible to stop being Too Nice.Why bad relationships last as long as they do.Why only 2% of your social interactions really matter.How every relationship has some form of Contracting.How Covert Contracts are passive-aggressive.What your personal Boundaries really are.Why being codependent means you can't stand up for yourself.Why saying no won’t turn you evil.Why standing up for yourself creates drama in the short term, but peace in the long term.Why people hold grudges and why apologies are often required.How there are two types of trust in a relationship.Why reading a bunch of revenge stories makes you unhappy,How to Forgive someone.How to handle a spouse that is particularly sensitive.Why violence means the conversation is over.Why when your partner puts you down based on your social group, your relationship is deeply in trouble.How knowing who you are makes standing up for yourself easier.Why being Too Nice at work can cost you your career or business.Why shipping the battle of the sexes into your relationship can wreck it.How being Too Nice in a romantic relationship can damage your relationship.Why you need to be nice to yourself.How to spot people worth your time to be friends with.Nice Card Mean Card is devoid of fluff and filler, full of insights and revelations, and an easy read.