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Of Course It's a Big Deal: A Story about Learning to React Calmly and Appropriately (Executive Function)

Author: Bryan Smith

Publisher: Boys Town Press

ISBN 10: 1944882111
ISBN 13: 978-1944882112

If your child overreacts, this book is for you! This entertaining story teaches social-emotional skills to children.

Braden is back - and he delivers the drama to every minor misunderstanding, grievance and annoyance in his life!

What was supposed to be a carefree afternoon of go-cart racing and putt-putt golf, quickly turns sour when Braden shouts and pouts about the rules.
Turns out he is too short to drive a go-cart by himself.

Will Braden ever learn to keep his cool in the face of disappointment?
Will every discouraging moment send him into an emotional meltdown?

Part of the Executive Function series of books for children, Of Course It's a Big Deal teaches kids not to overreact to situations.

Tips for Parents and Educators are also included.