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Out of Darkness into the Light: A Journey of Inner Healing

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Author: M.D. Gerald G. Jampolsky

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN 10: 0553347918
ISBN 13: 978-0553347913

A compelling account of the journey from severe depression, guilt, and near alcoholism to a true healing of the mind and spirit—from a bestselling author and noted psychiatrist

"If there is hope for one like me, who thought that he was beyond all help, and who believed he had more guilt, more shame, and a greater feeling of inadequacy than anyone else in the world, then rest assured that there is hope for you."

Millions of men and women have had their lives transformed by Dr. Gerald Jampolsky's pioneering work in the field of attitudinal healing and by his bestsellers Love Is Letting Go of Fear, Goodbye to Guilt, and Teach Only Love. In his most important book, Dr. Jampolsky tells his own deeply moving story of inner struggle and personal transformation.

As we share the story of his passage from sorrow to joy, Dr. Jampolsky sheds new light on the path to personal happiness, on letting go of fear and guilt, and on escaping the "Fifty Ego Defenses" that keep us in darkness. Here is a book of advice and inspiration from a man who has been there and back—a road map to guide you to a life of peace, fulfillment, and lasting hapiness.

"A life-enhancing book written from the only perspective Gerry Jampolsky knows—total honesty and unconditional love. I loved every page."—Wayne Dyer, author of Your Erroneous Zones