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Overcoming Bipolar Disorder: 17 Ways To Manage Depression And Multiple Moods Without Going Crazy

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Author: Renae K Elsworth

Publisher: Bluesource and Friends

ISBN 10: 1646155165
ISBN 13: 978-1646155163

I Hate Being Bipolar! It Feels Good!

Are you always feeling happy and then sad the next second?Unsure of your current state of emotions?Having issues with focus concentration?Want a change in your life?

The REAL problem is not what is happening on the outside but it is on the inside. You do not have control over your mind even though you think otherwise.

99.99% of our decisions are made based on emotions without even realizing it.

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The patient with the disorder experiences a shift between these two extremes. Some cycle between them within a few days, others take months to complete the cycle. The reality for people suffering from Bipolar Disorder is a struggle to cope with these states while also addressing all of the standard responsibilities of life.

Often, symptoms plague people with the condition such as headaches, irritability, racing thoughts, low energy, and sleeplessness. These manifestations of the imbalance within the individual can easily affect their effectiveness in the workplace, their ability to recover from trauma, or their time management. Understanding how to cope with the manifestation of the disorder is crucial for the quality of life of those living with it.

To address this reality, many people turn to medication, and it is effective for them. This is a happy circumstance, and everything that works should be pursued. Many others feel their symptoms are exacerbated by pharmaceuticals, and there is a reason to listen to the body when it begins to feel disconnected or uncomfortable.

Both people who choose medicine and those who choose to live without it can heavily benefit from a holistic approach to the disorder. It may be accessed alongside or independent from therapy. The point is to address life completely and to find balance throughout it so that harmony can be found within. Knowing how to balance through the extreme changes in their life is one of the most powerful tools a person with Bipolar Disorder can possess.

Inside this book you will find:
-Methods for implementing medications and getting realistic help.
-Tips on how to maintain focus and gain more self-knowledge.
-The basics of life energy and chakras.
-How to engage your mind, soul and body.
-Ways t engage with your family and loved ones.
-Tools to develop compassion for everyone from your worst enemies to yourself.