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Owning Bipolar: How Patients and Families Can Take Control of Bipolar Disorder

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Author: Michael G. Pipich

Publisher: Citadel Press

ISBN 10: 0806538791
ISBN 13: 978-0806538792

“Essential reading, not only for the person learning to own their bipolar, but for the support system members and treatment providers walking alongside them in their journey to hope and healing.”
—Sally Spencer-Thomas, PsyD, president United Suicide Survivor’s International
Knowledge is power, and grasping the basics of bipolar disorder can give you the power you need to detect it, accept it, and own the responsibility for treatment and lifelong disease management. With its three-phase approach, Owning Bipolar can help you and your loved ones become experts at an illness that has called the shots in your life for too long. Now it’s time for you to take control.
·         The Pre-stabilization phase and recognition: confronting the causes of bipolar and the effects, including depression, anxiety, loss of energy, avoidance of responsibilities, and suicidal thoughts
·         The Stabilization phase and acting on it: starting effective medication, accepting the disease, and treating different types of bipolar
·         The Post-stabilization phase and living with it: undertaking long-term
maintenance, accepting your new identity, and coming to terms with your responsibilities, and the responsibilities of your caregivers
Accessible and encouraging, and accented with empathetic first-hand stories from people who share the disorder, this book is a vital companion for readers to help them understand, treat, and live successfully with bipolar.
“Will provide clarity and understanding to a seemingly complex and confusing psychiatric condition.”
—David B. Weiss, MD, FAPA