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Parenting Well After Childhood Abuse: Be a Great Parent Even if Yours Were Crap

Author: Geanne Meta

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN 10: 1733251316
ISBN 13: 978-1733251310

This book is for You...

Would you like some good parenting advice and tips?

Are you struggling with pain, shame and anger leftover from your childhood?

Were you afraid to have kids because you felt too damaged?

There are many books on recovering from the trauma of child abuse but not many that focus on the job of parenting afterwards. This groundbreaking, self-help book reinforces the importance of healing the damage to be the best parent you can be.

While the subject is heavy, there are many light and humorous moments throughout the book. Especially in the parenting scenarios. This is a parenting book, with helpful tips whether you came from abuse or not. Parenting well is a daunting endeavor for anyone. You're faced with more challenges when you had a crappy childhood. Of course, you don't want to do what was done to you but it's easier said than done. While there's no quick fix, this book gives encouragement to seek help and a roadmap of steps to take. Geanne Meta's story sets an example of transcending the harm done in childhood to reach a life full of hope and healing.

Part 1 - Healing Yourself, is about the journey to become whole; while Part 2 - Raising Good Kids, is based on the author's quest to find helpful parenting resources.

The author lived with the pain of childhood sexual abuse but didn't seek help until she became a parent. She courageously describes her struggles along the emotional journey of healing from sexual and emotional abuse. She went from small victim to resilient survivor by working on the root causes of her shame, denial, pain and anger. As a survivor you'll relate to many of the same thoughts and negative feelings that the author had about herself. Her story takes you through the steps of breaking the cycle, recognizing denial, finding self=love and maybe even forgiveness.

New parents, or those at any stage who are looking for answers, can find ways to make life better for themselves and their children.

Included tools:

  • Worksheet to Help You Connect With Your Inner Child
  • Questionnaire: What You Want to do Differently Than Your Parents
  • Group Discussion - Individual Work Guide

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