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Picking Up The Shards: Healing the Pain of Mother-Wounds, Discovering the Mother-Heart of God

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Author: Anita M. Oommen

Publisher: Oxborough Publishing

ISBN 10: 1733111506
ISBN 13: 978-1733111508

Have you been deeply wounded by your mother?

Did the woman, who was supposed to love you, nurture you and protect you, leave you feeling abandoned, worthless and scared? Have you struggled your entire life to fill the void of her absence?

In Picking Up the Shards, author Anita M. Oommen examines decades of her battle with soul-wounding from her mother and mother figures. She shares her gut-wrenching personal account of childhood trauma, neglect, rejection, and abuse. She takes you on her journey to pick up the broken pieces of her early childhood which she carried into adulthood, and shares her deepest emotions of hurt, anger, and loneliness with honesty and courage.

Picking Up the Shards testifies to the unbroken resilience of the human spirit. Anita knows first-hand and has lived through and faced the incredibly painful experiences of childhood traumas and has come out triumphantly on the other side.

Picking up the Shards is about the author’s awakening moment – when the despair of her mother-wounds met the mother-heart of God – which was the final catalyst to her ultimate healing and forgiveness of her mother(s).

If you find yourself falling to pieces over a broken a mother-child relationship, then you are not alone! Anita has been there, and she understands the deepest agony of your soul wounding. Have you questioned your life’s purpose, even to the dust of the ground of the womb where you were created? Let her show you through her own story that you have a decision to make—either to continue living the lies of those negative messages from your attachment figures or to pick up, embrace, and heal the broken pieces of your life.

Anita shows you that you too can begin traveling this road to recovery with the deep, undying, unquenchable spirit of human resilience. You don’t have to settle down for the vicious cycle of living perpetually with the dysfunction of your home in your brain, body and emotions. You can thrive by choosing to live, by deciding to forgive, and by inviting reconciliation.