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Poor Me to Soul Rich: Spiritual Currency for the Mind, Heart & Soul

Author: Anthony D Brice

Publisher: The Impower Group LLC

ISBN 10: 1733641904
ISBN 13: 978-1733641906

Take an inspirational journey of self-discovery to find an abundance of hope, peace, love, and happiness during some of the most difficult times of sadness, depression, doubt, and fear. When we are in the middle of our struggle, we are blinded by pain. We can’t see how amazing tomorrow can be until we learn how to break through the pain we’re in today.

If fear and failure have kept you from creating the life you deserve, you will gain:

  • A stronger sense of self
  • A clearer vision for life
  • A success mindset
  • If you feel mentally, emotionally, or spiritually weak or broken, you will attain:

    • Renewed Faith
    • Rejuvenated Spirit
    • Healing insights

    If you yearn for that soulmate or you are losing hope in experiencing true love, you will discover:

    • Unconditional Self-Love
    • Unwavering Self-Confidence
    • Affirmations of what you truly deserve

    Poor Me to Soul Rich is a personal growth guide of self-care and self-help that can ignite your soul, fuel your dreams, heal your heart, empower your spirit and change your life.