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PoppetKandy Self-talk Coloring Workbook: Gratitude Guided Meditative Coloring Workbook Aid In Healing Transformation

Author: Loving Life Passionately

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 13: 979-8608409448

The PoppetKandy Self-talk Coloring Workbook

The PoppetKandy Self-talk Coloring workbook is designed for both the professional setting and home use. Combining applications from modern positive psychology with Jungian meditative coloring ideals this workbook is a combination of self-reflection and gratitude expression. We help to heal our inner child while acknowledging the compassion and positive actions of others. We go within to expand our love outward.

  • 60 pages of Gratitude guided prompts for reflection and positive associations

  • 25 “I am…” statement PoppetKandy coloring pages

  • 5 Blank “I am” PoppetKandy grid pages for you to design your own “I am” statement and design

Take Positive Action towards reflective gratitude and meditative relaxation! Too many people walk around with a negative inner dialogue about themselves. Here's a simple tool to help aid in the healing transformation from our past hurtful scenarios and take steps to becoming our best selves.