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Principles and Techniques of Trauma-centered Psychotherapy

Author: David Read Johnson

Publisher: Amer Psychiatric Pub

ISBN 10: 1585625140
ISBN 13: 978-1585625147

Therapists interested in conducting rigorous and effective trauma-centered conversations with their patients will find Principles and Techniques of Trauma-Centered Psychotherapy of enormous instructional and clinical value. Never before has a text examined the process of trauma inquiry in the detail presented here specifically, in dozens of extremely thorough case examples that demonstrate successful and unsuccessful therapeutic interventions. Exercising great care and skill, the authors describe the step-by-step mechanics of conducting an effective trauma-centered psychotherapy based on imaginal exposure from an in-depth narrative of the client s traumatic experiences. Clinicians in practice and in training will benefit from the authors focus on increasing competence in this important aspect of treatment. From establishing the trauma treatment framework to navigating the inevitable disruptions to dealing with the negative effects on the therapist of hearing detailed accounts of traumatic events, Principles and Techniques of Trauma-Centered Psychotherapy is both pragmatic and empathic, providing effective strategies in the context of true life treatment.