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Profiles of Play: Assessing and Observing Structure and Process in Play Therapy

Author: Saralea E. Chazan

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley

ISBN 10: 1843107031
ISBN 13: 978-1843107033

Written by a leading child psychologist, this clearly written and practical book provides a template for interpreting change and meaning in children's lives through their play activity. It shows how each child's pattern of play has a distinct profile of measurable features. These can be identified - and can be used to assess the child's development.

The processes of change that a child goes through and the different kinds of play profiles are clearly illustrated with examples from real life. This will be a useful resource for all professionals who work with children and are looking to support their development through a deeper understanding of their inner experiences, including family therapists, educational psychologists, special needs teachers, play therapists and child care social workers.