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Psychiatric Services in Correctional Facilities

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Author: American Psychiatric Association

Publisher: Amer Psychiatric Pub

ISBN 10: 9780890424643
ISBN 13: 978-0890424643

The 15 years since publication of the second edition of the American Psychiatric Association s task force report on psychiatric services in correctional facilities have seen increasing rates of incarceration of mentally ill individuals, continuing criminalization of substance use disorders, and a lack of accessible and appropriate care in the community. The purpose of the new edition, Psychiatric Services in Correctional Facilities, and the aim of the work group that authored it over many years of research, dialogue, and development, is to provide leadership in addressing the needs of the often disenfranchised population of the incarcerated and to provide guidance to mental health clinicians working in correctional settings. Urging an expanded role in leadership and advocacy, the work group members present the foundational principles that apply to providing care in correctional facilities, outline the basic types of services that should be provided, and apply the principles and guidelines previously established to specific disorders, patient populations, treatment modalities, and special needs. Working with these patients and in these settings presents particular challenges that clinicians are unlikely to have encountered elsewhere in practice, such as the use of seclusion and restraint and administrative issues. Psychiatric Services in Correctional Facilities provides critical guidance and support for mental health professionals operating in this often frustrating environment, enabling them to provide both effective treatment and informed advocacy for their patients.