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Psychoanalytic Practice: 2 Clinical Studies

Author: Helmut Thomä

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN 10: 3642718809
ISBN 13: 978-3642718809

We are pleased to present the second volume of our study on Psychoana­ lytic Practice, which we entitle Clinical Studies. Together, the two volumes fulfill the functions usually expected of a textbook on theory and tech­ nique. In fact, some reviewers have asked why such a title was not cho­ sen. One of the reasons for our narrower choice was that our primary concern is focused on those aspects of psychoanalytic theory that are relevant to treatment. The first volume, entitled Principles, has evoked much interest within and outside the professional community, creating high expectations to­ ward its clinical counterpart. After all, psychoanalytic principles must demonstrate their value and efficacy in treatment, i. e., in achieving changes in symptoms and their underlying structures. This is apparent in the clinical studies contained in this book, and in the process of compil­ ing them the senior author has had the opportunity to take stock of his long professional career.