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Psychodynamic Therapy: A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice

Author: Richard F. Summers

Publisher: The Guilford Press

ISBN 10: 1462509703
ISBN 13: 978-1462509706

ISBN 10: 1606234439
ISBN 13: 978-1606234433

Presenting a pragmatic, evidence-based approach to conducting psychodynamic therapy, this engaging guide is firmly grounded in contemporary clinical practice and research. The book reflects an openness to new influences on dynamic technique, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and positive psychology. It offers a fresh understanding of the most common problems for which patients seek help--depression, obsessionality, low self-esteem, fear of abandonment, panic, and trauma--and shows how to organize and deliver effective psychodynamic interventions. Special topics include ways to integrate individual treatment with psychopharmacology and with couple or family work.

See also Practicing Psychodynamic Therapy: A Casebook, edited by Summers and Barber, which features 12 in-depth cases that explicitly illustrate the approach in this book.