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Psychological Health Effects of Musical Experiences: Theories, Studies and Reflections in Music Health Science (SpringerBriefs in Psychology)

Author: Töres Theorell

Publisher: Springer

ISBN 10: 9789401789196
ISBN 13: 978-9401789196

This book is about links between music and health. It focuses on music and public health, and, in particular, the potentially positive and negative effects of listening to and making music on the health of the general population. The book starts out by discussing the protection music offers against adverse effects of stress. It then discusses social aspects of music production and listening and examines religious music within the framework of social functioning. It offers insight into the physiological and psychological effects of music listening, the biological effects of singing, and the use of music in therapeutic situations and the rearing of children. The book concludes by discussing the significance of music for musicians and their health. Although it may seem that music has only good health effects, and therefore all professional musicians should be healthy, not all music effects are positive. The book describes situations in which music has negative health effects and makes clear that there is a pronounced difference between living with music for joy and to earn one´s living from making music. In the latter situation, performance anxiety may become a factor that affects health adversely.