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Psychology Today: Taming Bipolar Disorder (Psychology Today Here to Help)

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Author: Lori Oliwenstein

Publisher: Alpha

ISBN 10: 1592572855
ISBN 13: 978-1592572854

Bipolar disorder is about the wildest of euphorias and the deepest of depressions. Now, Alpha Books and Psychology Today present all the information, guidance, and support people with bipolar disorder—and their loved ones—need in order to thrive. This important book contains cutting-edge research and straightforward advice from the most respected names on bipolar disorder, along with the most up-to-date information on mental health organizations and support and advocacy groups. In addition, readers will find inspiring stories of courage and triumph.


•More than two million Americans live with bipolar disorder—and it’s on the rise among children and adolescents

•Includes strategies for navigating the health care system, nurturing relationships, advancing in the workplace, and repairing bridges burned during mania and depression

•Features the latest research—from new pharmaceuticals to innovative therapies, dietary changes to acupuncture, light therapy to mood charting