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Psychopathology: Foundations for a Contemporary Understanding

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Author: James E. Maddux

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN 10: 0367085801
ISBN 13: 978-0367085803

Psychopathology, Fifth Edition is the most up-to-date text about the etiology and treatment of the most important psychological disorders.

The chapters are written by leading experts in the field of psychopathology who provide up-to-date information on theory, research, and clinical practice. The book is unique in its strong emphasis on critical thinking about psychopathology as represented by chapters on such topics as culture, race, gender, class, clinical judgment and decision-making, and alternatives to traditional categorical approaches to understanding psychopathology. The contributors have incorporated information about and from the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases along with information about and from the DSM-5.

As with the previous editions, this book remains a true textbook in psychopathology. Unlike the many weighty volumes that are intended as reference books, Psychopathology, Fifth Edition has been designed specifically to serve as a textbook on psychopathology for graduate students in clinical and counseling psychology programs and related programs such as social work. It will also serve as an extremely useful reference source for practitioners and researchers.