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Quit Drinking: An Inspiring Recovery Workbook by a Former Alcoholic (an Alcohol Addiction Memoirs, Alcohol Recovery Books) (Recovery From Alcoholism Books)

Author: Joanne Edmund

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1719450358
ISBN 13: 978-1719450355

A complete, step-by-step recovery workbook, based on real-life experiences. In this real-life story, a former alcoholic shares her inspirational & empowering step-by-step sobriety plan. A groundbreaking self-help method to understand and conquer your drinking problem now. No unrealistic solutions or theoretical ‘wisdom’, but a no-nonsense and uplifting recovery approach that actually works. Do you know it’s time to quit and need help? Then this how to stop drinking book is written for you. 

What You’ll Receive When You Buy This Sobriety Book

  • Day to day practical exercises to face and understand your alcohol addiction & creating the life you desire

  • A sober guide for creating an emergency plan whenever the craving for a new alcoholic drink pops up

  • Insight in your drinking patterns, interrupting it and how to quit drinking

  • Exercises for creating new habits and setting goals beyond recovery from alcoholism

  • A 60-Day guided journal with transformational questions for ultimate self-reflection

  • And more. Uplifting, practical & non-judgemental.

Join the author. Stop repeating the past. Work on a better future now and grab your Quit Drinking book today.

This alcoholic recovery story can be used when you’re in Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) or using The Alcoholic Anonymous Big Book, 12 Steps workbook or any other addiction recovery books. Full disclaimer for Quit Drinking can be found in the first pages of both the ebook and paperback version. Furthermore, Quit Drinking can be used as sobriety gifts for men or women in Alcoholics Anonymous, narcotics rehab, substance abuse, alcohol addiction, 12 steps and 12 traditions, alcoholism, narcotics rehab, living sober, drug addiction recovery, heroin addiction and any other addiction. Even if your 1 year sober, or three years sober, this how to quit drinking book can still be of use, to see your alcoholic addiction from a different perspective. A day to day sobriety method that will change your life for the better.