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Radical Feminist Therapy: Working in the Context of Violence

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Author: Bonnie Burstow

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc

ISBN 10: 0803947887
ISBN 13: 978-0803947887

With an emphasis on violence against women and on women′s responses to it - such as depression, splitting and eating disturbances - this volume furthers the radicalization of feminist therapy. It serves as a comprehensive introduction for trainees and as an ongoing resource for social service workers and therapists.

Providing detailed and grounded guidance, the author examines feminist approaches to working with women and discusses issues often omitted or pathologized in general feminist counselling texts, including prostitutes battered by pimps and self-mutilation. She explores such central questions as how women can empower themselves in a sexist society; what forms internalized oppression takes and how clients can be hel