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Reading Poker Tells

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Author: Zachary Elwood

Publisher: Via Regia

ISBN 10: 0984033300
ISBN 13: 978-0984033300

Reading Poker Tells has been called the best book on poker tells by many players, both amateur and professional. The book catalogues many of the most common poker-related behavioral patterns and gives psychological explanations for why these patterns exist. More importantly, the book gives a mental framework for analyzing and remembering poker tells. It also contains tips for deceiving and manipulating opponents, and methods for staying unreadable.

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"Reading Poker Tells is one of the most helpful poker books I've ever read."                    
            - Andrew Brokos, pro player, author of Thinking Poker Diaries

"Reading Poker Tells is far and away the best book on live reads. I recommend it to everyone."                   
            - Max Steinberg, pro player, 4th place WSOP Main Event

"Elwood has established himself as an authority on poker tells. His book is the current gold standard." 
             - Ed Miller, pro player and poker author

"It's hard work to find tells, so many people don't do it. This book just made it a lot more simple, condensing years of legwork into one easy read."
             -"Limon", pro poker player, Live At The Bike commentator

"I really like the organization and delivery of your book. Bravo." 
             - Tommy Angelo, pro player, author of Elements of Poker