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Recovery from the Sociopath: After the antisocial, narcissist or psychopath, how to rebuild your life (Best of the Lovefraud Blog)

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Author: Donna Andersen

Publisher: Anderly Publishing

ISBN 10: 1951347064
ISBN 13: 978-1951347062

Recovery from a Sociopath enables you to understand why you feel so shattered by a confusing and abusive relationship, and guides you on how to put your life back together. Sociopaths, meaning people who could be diagnosed with antisocial, narcissistic, borderline, histrionic or psychopathic personality disorders, cannot love you; they can only use you. The profound betrayal by a sociopath shakes you to your core. You suffer emotionally, psychologically, financially, physically and spiritually. The experience is so devastating that you may wonder if it's even possible to recover. Yes, it is. Recovery from a Sociopath is a collection of short, easy-to-read articles from They explain what happened to you, inspire you to choose your own healing, and help you do the emotional work of recovery. The articles includes:• 12 reasons to forgive yourself for falling for the sociopath• With the sociopath — is it love or addiction?• If our emotions are triggered, there's more pain to process• 7 reasons not to seek closure from the sociopath• Moral dilemma: Warning the next victim• Breaking the compulsion to fix and help• Why you feel so shattered by the sociopath's betrayal• After the sociopath, consumed by obsession• 3 steps to begin dating again after the sociopath• Getting over the relationship that didn't existThis book is by Donna Andersen, author of, the premier website on how to recognize and recover from sociopaths. It is the fourth in the Best of the Lovefraud Blog series, following Understanding the Sociopath, Seduced by a Sociopath and Dealing with a Sociopath. Donna's first book, Love Fraud, was awarded five stars by the Midwest Book Review.You may feel that the sociopath took a wrecking ball to your life. But with time and commitment, you can release the devastation and claim the love and happiness that you truly deserve.