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Remembering the Future: The Physics of the Soul and Time Travel

Author: Brooks A Agnew

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN 10: 1453798900
ISBN 13: 978-1453798904

Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN 10: 1450252508
ISBN 13: 978-1450252508

You are about to receive the key that unlocks The Secret of the law of attraction and opens the abundance of the universe. The Universe is folded up inside each and every one of us. The future is all about possibilities other than the path to Armageddon you have been erroneously taught your entire mortal life. Are the prophets wrong? Not necessarily. Their view of the future is one of many possibilities. This book will teach you how to craft and choose your own future. Learn how to change the past and the future for yourself. We need you. In fact, Planet Earth may not survive without your help. The tools you will receive in this book are real. They have a strong basis in science that is supported by proven and repeatable physics experiments. Anyone can master these techniques for working the Laws of Attraction to affect the bounty of a mortal life. Every word in this book is real and true. Everything you do will eventually affect the Universe. Do it on purpose.