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RENEW YOUR MIND: TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH: 8 Alternative Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life

Author: Coach Vee Mitchell - Palmer

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 13: 979-8600868090

YES, you can take charge of your mental health WITHOUT using prescription medication!In "RENEW YOUR MIND: TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH, 8 Alternative Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life", you will learn the 8 foundational steps that were used by the author, Coach Vee, to claim victory over manic depression. After being diagnosed with a mental illness in 2005, and experiencing no relief from the traditional spectrum of mental health services - psychiatrists and prescription medication - Coach Vee diligently worked to hide the symptoms of her illness from the outside world for nearly seven years. Near the end of 2012, Coach Vee made a career change and entered into the funeral industry where the recruiter took a special interest in her and invested in her personal development while teaching her her new professional duties. The recruiter taught Coach Vee non-medicinal ways to recondition her mind by improving her thought patterns. At that moment, Pandora's Box was opened inside of Coach Vee's mind, and she embarked on an intense, life-changing, personal growth and healing journey that immediately improved her personal life, as well as, the life of her family. She became a sponge as she vigorously learned various alternative & holistic ways to promote and protect her mental health. Now, she has lovingly written her first book sharing the eight steps that began her successful mental health journey with you. From the first chapter, this book challenges you to practice self-forgiveness as you are reminded about how amazing your God-given inner strength can be, and just how powerful your level of resiliency truly is. Cognitive behavioral techniques, self-determination, and alternative & holistic methods all make up the major components of the eight steps outlined within this book. RENEW YOUR MIND: TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH... includes:* 8 alternative ways to take charge of your mental health and improve your quality of life that are presented in a straight-forward, no fluff manner that is easy to understand. The steps build upon one another, so it is recommended to follow the steps in order.* Hands on exercises at the end of each chapter allow for immediate, practical application of the information presented. The reader is strongly encouraged to complete each exercise as it is presented before moving on to the next chapter (step).* A relatable, down-to-earth teaching style mixed with a little humor to keep the reader encouraged and fully engaged as one embark's on this life-changing journey of mental clarity.After working through this book, you will develop a stronger belief in yourself, your abilities, and your future possibilities. You will develop an alternative routine to transform your harmful thoughts into healthy thoughts, which will subsequently allow you to renew your mind and take charge of your mental health to improve your quality of life. About the Author Coach Vee is a certified life coach that specializes in alternative & holistic mental health and healing techniques. She is a national speaker, and the creator of the "Mental Health is Sexy."TM brand. Coach Vee created her signature brand in an effort to help change the narrative around mental health; influence how mental health services are being delivered; and to help erase the stigma around mental illness. She is a proud victor of manic depression, and views it as her life's mission to teach others how to take charge of their mental health (without medication) by learning and successfully using alternative & holistic techniques, like she did. She lives in Cincinnati, OH, with her entrepreneur husband, two beautiful teenage daughters, and their pet bunny.