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Rivers Are Coming: Essays and Poems on Healing

Author: Minaa B.

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1532727534
ISBN 13: 978-1532727535

Rivers Are Coming is a classic compilation of essays and poems on healing from emotional wounds inflicted by depression and trauma, and celebrating the survival of being lost and discovering ones ability to live wholeheartedly. In Rivers Are Coming, Minaa uses the river as a metaphor to solicit change, and extends an invitation to welcome the power of uncertainty into the lives of people so that we can be introduced to love, hope and healing, and to progress in an upward trajectory. Minaa B. intertwines her enriched teachings as a psychotherapist into this book to offer us wisdom and a profound sense of wholeness as we navigate through our journey. Rivers Are Coming is a reflective and thought-provoking book that helps people to reclaim their lives, proclaim their truths and learn how to piece their peace back together.