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Running Is My Therapy: Relieve Stress and Anxiety, Fight Depression, and Live Happier

Author: Scott Douglas

Publisher: The Experiment

ISBN 10: 1615195815
ISBN 13: 978-1615195817

A lifelong runner’s groundbreaking guide to fighting depression and anxiety, one run at a time

Everyone knows that running builds stronger muscles and a healthier heart. In Running Is My Therapy, longtime runner Scott Douglas shows how endurance running is also the best form of exercise to develop a healthier brain. A natural antidepressant, running reinforces the benefits of therapy and triggers lasting, positive physiological changes. In fact, some doctors now “prescribe” a running regimen as part of their first-line treatment plan for depression. Marshaling expert advice and a growing body of research, Douglas explains how we can all use running to improve mental health—and live happier.