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Same Sh*t. Different Date.: Why You Keep Attracting The Same Wrong Partners – And How To Finally Solve It!

Author: Dave Elliott

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1096781247
ISBN 13: 978-1096781240

If you’re going to keep getting the same old lessons, you may as well learn from them. You may have heard the old saying, “same sh*t, different day.” It’s kind of a darkly comic suggestion that the more things change, the more they stay the same as old, monotonous patterns repeat themselves again and again.In this book by a similar title, relationship coach and expert, Dave Elliott, makes it clear that the exact same process is also happening and creating difficulties in your dating and love life. The result is “Same Shit. Different Date.” As he points out, it’s not a coincidence when the same old buttons keep getting pushed by all new people. It’s not “luck of the draw” when lovers turn to critics. It is not happenstance when you keep attracting the same old issues like partners who are unavailable or who cheat. While it may be cruel, it’s no twist of fate either when totally different people – who seemed nice in the beginning – turn into harsh critics who shame, abuse and belittle.Even if you’re married or in an exclusive relationship, this book will show you how all those random arguments that seemingly have nothing in common aren’t so random after all. In fact, they’re directly related and 100% predictable. Not to mention, 100% healable.Once you make this connection and recognize how it’s affected you in the past, you can begin to change your future. In fact, with your new awareness – and the tools shared within – those hidden saboteurs that continue to trip you up time after time will soon come into view.The good news for you is that once you discover the invisible ties that bind your past and present upsets and heartbreaks, new possibilities are created in a moment. That’s because once your secret saboteurs have been revealed, they can begin to be healed.