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Schizophrenic America

Author: Anni Damgaard

Publisher: Skaeg Publishing, LLC
ISBN 10: 1945258004
ISBN 13: 978-1945258008

Publisher: Skaeg Books
ISBN 10: 1945258012
ISBN 13: 978-1945258015

Schizophrenic America explores a fundamental conflict in the United States between what we believe to be our inalienable rights and what we experience in every-day-life. This conflict induces a schism in our minds, leading to a "cultural schizophrenia” in America.

This book facilitates the process of reflection. It is a layman’s guide to cultural awareness, written for young and old, rich and poor. Everyone will have an Aha! moment while reading Schizophrenic America.

Part One will take the blindfold off of America, helping people understand how we came to acquire a cultural schizophrenia. American history, religion, and economy are explored and analyzed.

Part Two is about Dreaming. How do we create harmony and balance in our lives? A spiritual unification will be at the forefront of a new social movement. A wave of enlightened, creative, empathic people – I people – will offer hope for transformation to everyone who cares about human beings and Mother Nature.