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SELF CARE: Depression Relief, Self Esteem & Positivity - 3 Books in 1!

Author: Tasha Gould

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1798016745
ISBN 13: 978-1798016749

SELF CARE: Depression Relief, Self Esteem & Positivity - 3 Books in 1!

Featuring*Depression Relief*Self Esteem*Positivity
3 Great Books In 1!
Depression Relief
Everyone experiences truly bad days. Most people have short periods of time when they are feeling down and suffering from the blues. Feeling occasionally gloomy is a normal human emotion. Stress, using alcohol and drugs, and participating in romantic break-ups may cause an increase in the intensity of these sad moods.
However, depression is more serious than a sad mood. It is an actual clinical diagnosis. This is not a transient emotion that passes after a few hours. The feeling does not vanish after several tough days. Depression has a significant effect on one’s life. It usually lasts weeks and causes a dire effect on the patient and their family.
People who suffer from depression do not have to feel hopeless forever. The most important step in overcoming depression is seeking help. There is a vast range of choices to obtain relief from these painful symptoms of depression. The options include talk therapies, medications, lifestyle changes, and complementary alternative methods.
This uplifting book looks at understanding depression, and the steps you can take to conquer the condition and reclaim your life.
Self Esteem
Five years ago, I was depressed, angry and bitter. I hated life and I didn’t want to live anymore. A very stern word from a friend set a fire ablaze in me and I decided it was time to make some changes in my life. Not everyone is the same as me, I’m an extremist, and when I make my mind up to do something, I give it one hundred and ten percent.
When I was depressed, I was really depressed. When I decided to embark on this journey to self-discovery and happiness, I gave it everything I’ve got, and I wasn’t looking back.
It may take some of you longer to get to that place of no return. I read every self-help book I could find, I went to church, seminars, conventions, and listened to motivational speakers in search of the keys to life. I was once very insecure with low self-esteem and that was the root of my problems. Here is how I turned my life around.
Positivity can have a huge impact on your life. From conquering your fears to achieving life goals, a positive mindset can help overcome the challenges of the day to day - from the most significant to the tiniest detail.
Author Tasha Gould is an experienced positivity mentor, offering practical tips and insights into developing a more positive frame of mind. Read the book everyone is talking about, and change your life with the power of positive thinking.