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Shattered Diana - Book Five: A Memoir Documenting How Trauma and Evangelical Fundamentalism Created PTSD, Bipolar, Dissociative Disorder in Me

Author: Diana Lee

Publisher: Child Advocate Press

ISBN 10: 1629671525
ISBN 13: 978-1629671529

In memory of the author, Diana Lee, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her books will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

"Great and VERY unusual book. Helped me see myself more clearly." — Frank Schaeffer, New York Times bestselling Author of Crazy for God
"Evangelical Fundamentalism is like going through life looking in a mirror. Everything is backwards." — Paul Weis
Book 5 – The conclusion of Diana’s memoirs gives insight into her intellectual quest to understand why these things happened to her and to nail down exactly what had happened with hard evidence. It also recounts her indefatigable struggle to break the brainwashing licensed psychologists call “religious programming” or “cult programming.” She used her historian’s skills and curiosity to deconstruct Evangelical Fundamentalism and place it within its historical context so she could break its destructive maniacal grip over her mind and reclaim her life.

About the Series

The Shattered Diana series is an autoethnographic study illustrating the remarkable courage of its author in her agonizing quest for authentic self-discovery in the face of the absurdities, toxicity, and destructiveness of dogmatic religious fundamentalism. This series pioneers a compelling literary genre growing out of Diana Lee’s extensive knowledge of history, psychology, psychiatry, neurology, biblical literature, fundamentalism and cults. The series’ vivid and artistic descriptive journeys into the author’s existential realities are woven beautifully and seamlessly into an informed multilayered intellectual analysis of a world torn apart by one epistemic pathology after another. There is a genuine education in this series and enlightenment with respect to the destructive and crippling effects of fundamentalist world views that remain all too common at the outset of the 21st century.