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Silence the Voices: Discovering the Biology of Mind Chatter (Peak States Therapy)

Author: Grant McFetridge

Publisher: Institute for the Study of Peak States Press

ISBN 10: 0973468092
ISBN 13: 978-0973468090

  • Are you sometimes distracted by background thoughts or chatter in your head?
  • If you meditate, is it a struggle to 'quiet your mind'?
  • Do you suffer from intrusive, racing or obsessive thoughts?
  • Are you someone who 'hears voices' but are otherwise mentally well?
  • Have you been diagnosed with schizophrenia (or other mental illness) that includes auditory hallucinations?

Mind chatter and a common fungal infection

You have in your hands a story of 22 years of effort to understand the cause of 'voices' and the search to find an effective treatment. Written like a detective mystery, you'll read about our successes - and our failures - as we slowly solved this baffling and heartbreaking problem. Filled with unexpected twists and turns, we eventually discovered that the underlying cause of all these symptoms is a common fungal infection located inside the cells themselves.

More than just voices

Our species is capable of such amazing heights - yet struggles with cultural limitations, prejudices and war. Completely unsuspected until now, the same pandemic fungal disease that causes 'voices' is at the root of these terrible global problems.

Simple, fast treatments

Written for laypeople and professionals alike, these pages introduce the concepts necessary to understand the biological origin of these symptoms. But theory is not enough for the millions of people who suffer from these problems - we include simple, fast, non-drug and well-tested treatment techniques based on the newly emerging fields of subcellular psychobiology and psycho-immunology.