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Single and Catless

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Author: Kaylee Gryba

Publisher: ISBN Canada

ISBN 10: 1999286626
ISBN 13: 978-1999286620

33 Ways to Fail at Dating and One Huge Lesson

After a decade of failed first dates, an endless supply of players, a few cougar moments, and a humiliating rejection from the massage therapist working on her butt, Canadian model and Pass the Hat Comedian,  Kaylee Gryba, reveals the surprising reasons she’s still single at 30.

And no, that doesn’t include a restraining order. Good guess though!

With spite, sarcasm, and truly twisted stories, Single and Catless is the ultimate what-not-to-do confessional of a woman who has made EVERY mistake you can think of.

If you've been single forever or you’re single again, Kaylee's got your back, with a few helpful warnings about The Lazy Player, The Bottom-Feeder, The Obvious Jerk, and all the other ONEs Disguised as THE ONE.

She’ll show you:

*How to deal with breakups when all your friends are blissfully in love and coughing out babies.

*How to spot a Player. Every. Single. Time.

*And why playing games like "Hard to Get" never seems to work for you.

Hint: You can’t pretend to be busy if he knows you never leave your house. Sigh!

She’ll help you stop freaking out if you're stiiillllll flying solo, put an end to self sabotage, and let you know her ONE, most shocking discovery about dating . . . that has nothing to do with dating.

Single and Catless is one part memoir, one part self help book; a game-changer and a riot to read. If you’re ready to learn everything she’s learned from dating everyone, then read on, you sassy little minx.