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Snapshots: Chronicles of a Bipolar Earth Traveler

Author: Lee R. Clark

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1530292646
ISBN 13: 978-1530292646

"Snapshots" is the autobiogaphy of a 63 year old retired educator, social worker, and advocate who is also Bipolar and ADHD. It chronicles his traumatic and turbulant life from his earliest memories to the present, highlighting moments, events and memories in gritty detail of dettachment, mania, depression, alienation and the long struggle towards "normalcy". Included in the struggles, the author fights stigmizatation, sterotyping, and the dilibating effects of the mental health system until he found therapisists who let him become an active participant in his comprehensive treatment. In sharing his "Snapshots", the author hopes to let others with traumatic life experiences including Bipolar manifestations know they are not alone; that they can control their lives and treatment and have meaningful, happy and productive lives. He provides, for the most part, self-taught strategies for climbing out of the "rabbit hole" and leaving a victum oriented lifestyle to one where the individual can claim control and decide (with assistance) to make those choices necessary to learn from the past by taking traumatic events and learning the knowlege, skills and abilities that were developed (perhaps unknowingly without reflective thinking) during those periods of time; making choices to use these as opposed to becoming or continue to be a victum and live in the present, and begin a journey full of promise, enjoying life's gifts and all that it can offer.