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Son Down, Son Up: How One Mother Battled Her Son's Addiction, Found Hope, and Survived

Author: Brenda Seals

Publisher: Crippled Beagle Publishing

ISBN 10: 1970037164
ISBN 13: 978-1970037166

ISBN 10: 1970037180
ISBN 13: 978-1970037180

A BOOK OF HOPE! Is addiction ruining the life of someone you love? Are you exhausted, financially drained, heartbroken, and hopeless? Young Matthew Seals earned good grades, dutifully attended church, respected his parents, excelled at sports, and adored his baby sisters. He had an ideal existence until one careless teenage decision led him from safety to unspeakable suffering as a full-blown heroin addict. In Son Down, Son Up, Matthew’s mother Brenda Seals opens her heart and home life to reveal the hell on earth she lived as the parent of an active addict. She explains her personal agony, how she contributed to Matthew’s self-destruction, and how addiction affected her entire family. Most importantly, she shares how she found HOPE. Brenda’s humble narrative encourages others that addicts can get well and families can heal. Brenda’s story includes: Warning signs of addiction, coping methods and tips for loved ones, Matthew’s account of the worst & best moments of his journey, notes from Brenda’s husband, daughters, and daughter-in-law relating their unique experiences during Matthew’s addiction and recovery, discussion questions, and poetry by Brenda and Matthew