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Stand Up to Depression: How To Activate THE BODY MIND MIRACLE and Defeat Depression

Author: Kathi Fairbend

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN 10: 1977217605
ISBN 13: 978-1977217608

Stand Up to Depression adds an entirely new dimension to the treatment of depression. This is a revolutionary guide to using one's musculature--harnessing the power of proper posture--to heal one's mind. Complete with patient vignettes and simple-to-follow exercises, this book gives readers all they need to reverse the hobbling effects of depression on the body, which can simultaneously revolutionize one's outlook and energy.

This gentle, reassuring, yet transformational program can help transform both the posture and mood of a depressed person to those of a non-depressed person.

Whether you suffer with depression, are a family member or friend of a depressed person, or are one of the large number of health care professionals who do battle with mood disorders in patients, this book opens up a new horizon of hope--the body-mind connection. Ample scientific evidence exists that posture affects mood, and mood affects posture. Now, finally, Stand Up To Depression delivers a true healing path based on that evidence.