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Stand Up You've Been Down For Too Long

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Author: Natasha Kinion

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 13: 979-8607769598

Plenty of heartache provided me with plenty of problems. Each step along my life’s journey was worth the transformation that took place in my life. During my younger years I developed characteristics that continued to cling to my womanhood. Sadly, I believed that I would never change and had lost any hope of healing the open wounds that remained exposed. Clinching onto the tiniest slender of faith I pressed forward despite my warlike moments of infliction. It was as if my soul had a secret to reveal to my spirit because I yearned deep within to be made whole. Whatever the secret was I knew it was placed there by God because no matter how tough life got God was the only one, I continued to believe in. At one point in this process I didn’t believe in myself. I crawled, I clawed, I scratched, I cried, my spirit groaned but most of all I fought to win the race and accomplish the task God set before me. Only because “when I was weak God made Himself strong” and here I am.