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Standing Up to OCD Workbook For Kids: 40 Activities to Help Children Stop Unwanted Thoughts, Control Compulsive Behaviors, and Overcome Anxiety

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Author: Tyson Reuter PhD

Publisher: Rockridge Press

ISBN 10: 1641527978
ISBN 13: 978-1641527972

Show your worries who’s boss!

If you worry a lot and have behaviors you can’t help repeating, you’re not alone―even though it can feel that way sometimes. The Standing Up to OCD Workbook for Kids has 40 fun activities to help you manage bad thoughts, say goodbye to worried feelings, and quit actions that are hard to stop―so you can get back to doing your favorite things.

Color, write, draw, and use your thinking skills to show your OCD who’s really in charge (and that’s you!). When it comes to controlling those difficult feelings and thoughts, practice makes perfect. You can do this!

This OCD workbook includes:

  • Other kids’ stories―Read about other kids’ experiences with OCD so you can see that lots of kids go through the same things as you.
  • Lots of info―Learn all about what you’re going through, including what OCD is, how it works, why it happens, and more.
  • Tools for your toolbox―Just like a car mechanic uses tools to fix a car, you’ll discover tools to help you feel better. Ask an adult for help, write about your feelings, play outside, and more.

Kick your worries out of your head. The Standing Up to OCD Workbook for Kids shows you how to do just that―with tons of fun activities.