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Starting Therapy: A Guide to Getting Ready, Feeling Informed, and Gaining the Most from Your Sessions

Author: Faith Freed

Publisher: Apocryphile Press

ISBN 10: 194964331X
ISBN 13: 978-1949643312

Curious about therapy? Get oriented and comfortable before you begin.

Psychotherapist and author Faith Freed (LMFT) believes that therapy benefits anyone brave and wise enough to begin. In this down-to-earth book, she shares her first-hand knowledge and clinical experience to send you off with confidence. Starting Therapy is an easy-to-read guide for anyone new to therapy or eager to learn more about it. It makes sense that you’d want to know what you’re signing up for before your first session. This book answers your questions before you hit the couch.  

-Decide with more certainty whether therapy is for you

-Find a therapist and discern the right fit

-Feel prepared for your first session and those to follow

-Get the most value out of the time you invest

-Glimpse what therapy is really like from actual case examples

-Learn what’s expected of you and much more.

Starting Therapy is a concise-yet-comprehensive guide that gets you primed and ready for your first session and beyond. If you like to look before you leap, you’ll love this preview and primer. This practical guide offers loads of helpful tips to make you feel at ease, even before you begin treatment. Read this jargon-free, user-friendly book and be thoroughly prepared for the life enhancing adventure of psychotherapy.