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Stop Codependency: Learn How to End Once and for All Codependent Relationships and Love Yourself

Author: Henry Baldwin

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1072077752
ISBN 13: 978-1072077756

Are you always giving away parts of yourself to others even if it hurts? Are you afraid of getting burnt in a relationship because you care too much? 
If the answer is yes, and you would like to know why you do that and how to control it, you are in the right place!

In this book you can find a proper explanation of what it is codependency and how to recognize it by specific signals and behaviours, moreover this gives you the knowledge to control the codependent habit and eventually to get rid of it, so that you can begin to love yourself instead.

All people should be taught how to understand deeper the reasons of their behaviours, in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. This is exactly what this book has to offer.

This book is written to give you a step-by-step guide to wellness, every chapter makes you feel more and more aware of what you are doing and why. 
It will show you that codependency is not an illness, but rather a complex series of habits that can be overcame, even if it seems impossible now.

If you think you are in a codependent relationship or you know someone who might be, i really think you should consider learning more about this subject. 
This book really can be read by anyone who wants to know about this matter, even if they're not the codependent person. 
It is also available in audiobook version, so that nothing can stop your empowerment.