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Stop Enabling Drug Addicts and Alcoholics: Help breakl the chain of addiction

Author: Audrey Phillips Cox

Publisher: APCWriter & Publisher

ISBN 10: 1732406537
ISBN 13: 978-1732406537

Do you have an addict in your life that you are helping, but they seem to be spiraling further down into their addiction? Do you wonder why? Enablers have a hard time seeing how “helping” an addict can be a harmful form of behavior. Enablers are usually kind-hearted people who allow themselves to be taken advantage of when they see someone in trouble. For whatever reason, an enabler needs to be needed and an addict needs an enabler to take care of them, creating a co-dependency relationship. Helping an addict is harmful if it keeps them from suffering the consequences of their addiction and keeps them from taking responsibility for their choices in life. Helping an addict to face up to their addiction and get professional help is good, but providing shelter, food, and making excuses for them when they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves is called “enabling.” This book has medical information explaining the process of addiction, descriptions of addicts and enablers, plus some "true stories" of both addicts and enablers. These stories will help an "enabler" to fulling recognize how "helping" an addict can be detrimental to their overcoming their addiction.