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Stop Smoking for Good: Forget the Patch, the Gum, and the Excuses with Dr. Prasad's Proven Program for Permanent Smoking Cessation

Author: Balasa Prasad

Publisher: Avery

ISBN 10: 1583332340
ISBN 13: 978-1583332344

Why do most people who try to quit smoking fail-even with the help of the nicotine patch, gum, medications, hypnotism, or other state-of-the-art aids? In his radical approach to conquering the smoking habit, Dr. Balasa Prasad states that these crutches are ineffective because they futilely focus on nicotine addiction instead of the underlying psychological triggers that enslave smokers to their habits. His inspirational and practical program gives readers a confidence in their inner strength, helps them identify their addictive profile with the use of questionnaires, and provides a powerful three-step plan that will help them kick the habit once and for all.