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Stop Trying So F*cking Hard: Live Authentically, Design a Life You Love, and Be Happy (Finally)

Author: Honoree Corder

Publisher: Honoree Enterprises Publishing, LLC

ISBN 10: 1947665065
ISBN 13: 978-1947665064

“You can’t do the wrong thing with the right person. And, you can’t do the right thing with the wrong person.”

If you struggle with self-doubt, anxiety, discouragement, indecision, comparison-itis, exhaustion, promising too much, copious amounts of stress, worry, even profound sadness—or any other number of hard-as-fuck internal challenges, the time has come for you to stop. Forever.

Always remember, you are enough. Right now. Just as you are. So, stop. Breathe. You’re about to discover a more natural, less stressful, and more effective way of living.

Imagine a world where you’re validated, you make decisions based on what you want, what brings you joy; a space where you’ll become more successful—authentically successful—and ultimately happier than you’ve ever been.

After all, you only get one ride, one at-bat, one whirl on this rock. I hardly think it’s worth your time to be the least bit miserable.

It’s time you enjoy life while you continue to grow, discover your best self, and love (almost) every minute. Grab your copy today!