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Stress-Free Small Talk: How to Master the Art of Conversation and Take Control of Your Social Anxiety

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Author: Richard S. Gallagher LMFT

Publisher: Rockridge Press

ISBN 10: 1641528958
ISBN 13: 978-1641528955

Small talk, big victory―your guide to managing social anxiety and making conversation

Leave your anxious feelings at the door in any social situation―and see a world of possibilities open up for you. Stress-Free Small Talk is filled with strategies, advice, conversation-starters, practical activities, and mindfulness-based exercises for people who want to manage their social anxiety and engage in small talk with anyone.

Take control of any casual interaction with tips for introducing yourself, universal topics of discussion, active listening, asking questions, talking with someone who disagrees with you, how to politely exit a conversation, and much more.

Stress-Free Small Talk includes:

  • Embrace your fears―Learn to understand your nervous feelings, set appropriate expectations, and prepare for social encounters―so you can make small talk comfortably.
  • Real-life scenarios―Get advice for day-to-day social situations, like attending a party full of strangers, going on a blind date, or getting seated next to a chatty passenger on an airplane.
  • Great first impressions―Discover tips and tools for making strong first impressions, including maintaining good posture, making regular and natural eye contact, and beyond.

Look who’s talking now! If you’ve been searching for a helpful how-to guide to reducing anxiety and making small talk so that you can navigate social situations with ease, this book has you covered.