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Surviving College with Bipolar Disorder

Author: Christina Marie

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1507570910
ISBN 13: 978-1507570913

Dive head first into the life of a college girl and her first experiences with Bipolar Disorder. See for yourself the amazing ways the mind can act out and learn how to control the symptoms in order to live the life of your dreams. Christina Marie received her BS in Medical Technology in May 2014 and she is a board certified Medical Laboratory Scientist. During her freshman year of college in 2009, she experienced her first manic episode and since has had three more. In between she has suffered through long, dark depressions. Each year since her first episode she has learned more about keeping her moods stable. In her book, Surviving College with Bipolar Disorder, she hopes to share what she has learned. Not only will her book be educational; it will also submerge the reader into her life, helping the reader to understand what she has been through. Christina hopes that Surviving College with Bipolar Disorder can shed some light on the extreme difficulties presented by the disorder as well as expose how the medical community can improve their treatment.