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TF CBT Workbook for Kids, Teen and Children: Your Guide to Free From Frightening, Obsessive or Compulsive Behavior, Help Children Overcome Anxiety, ... the World, Build Self-Esteem, Find Balance

Author: Yuniey Publication

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1707937532
ISBN 13: 978-1707937530

Experience the power of CBT Workbook for Kids, Teen and Children CBT Workbook for Kids, Teen and Children. Do you love your kids and your children? Kids are facing new challenge in this new digital era. Every day they exposed themselves to the social media, internet, gaming mobile and video that can change their mind and belief about the world. This TF CBT Workbook for Kids, Teen and Children can be used as the guidelines to understand and build kids confidence to face the world. Your kids need love from you and also from the others. That is natural way of life. You and your children must enjoy and experience and acknowledge yourself in this life. You children are precious and important. It’s time to build your kids confidence and love yourself plus build overall confidence in your children life! Teach them something that they can appreciate in their life!•Perfect as gift for kids, daughter, teenager, parents, husband and wife•Best Writing Notebook, Workbook or Journal•Book measures approx. 8" x 6"•120 pages•Interactive Book •CBT Workbook for Kids, Teen and Children