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The Alzheimer's Prevention Food Guide: A Quick Nutritional Reference to Foods That Nourish and Protect the Brain From Alzheimer's Disease

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Author: SeAnne Safaii-Waite PhDRDNLD

Publisher: Rockridge Press

ISBN 10: 1623159083
ISBN 13: 978-1623159085

Fortify your diet to help prevent Alzheimer’s.

It’s natural to be concerned that there’s nothing you can do to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s―especially if it runs in your family. Fortunately, there is something that can help prevent it: the right diet. The Alzheimer's Prevention Food Guide is a nutritional guide to the food that protects your brain.

With this guide, you can look up foods fast to find out if they’re “brain healthy.” Unlike other Alzheimers books, this one even includes information about popular diets like MIND and Keto so you can compare them side-by-side and make the right decisions for you.

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Food Guide is one of the only Alzheimers books that offers:

  • Sample meal templates―find out what kind of foods (and how much of them) you should be eating with every meal.
  • A 2-week meal plan―start strong with 14 days of prescribed meals and learn what good choices look like.
  • Brain healthy food combinations―mix and match brain-healthy ingredients with profiles on over 115 different foods.

Other Alzheimers books focus on treatment after the fact, but this one equips you with the knowledge you need to keep your brain in fighting form with the right food.