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The Amazing Power Of Kratom: No-Fluff Beginner's Guide To Extracting and Using Kratom In Managing Anxiety, Mood Disorder, Depression And Opiate Withdrawal

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Author: Kurt McDermott

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1980647852
ISBN 13: 978-1980647850

Are you or anyone close to you addicted to Heroin, prescription painkillers or any other heavy opioid or opiates and desire to stop but is scared of the withdrawal effect? Then this book is the right book for you to do just that without having to go through such pain. According to the CDC, around 90 Americans die from opioid overdoses every day, which is above the number of people who die from car crashes daily. It is the biggest drug epidemic in America’s history with one of the highest hit states, West Virginia as the epicenter of these opioid-related deaths. Of the 100,000 people living in Huntington and surrounding Cabell County, officials estimate that ten thousand of them are addicted to opioids, like Heroin and pain pills like Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. There have been over 100 deaths so far in Cabell County in 2018 with more than 2000 cases of overdose reported. The level of opioid addiction in the United States is beyond anyone’s comprehension and it is affecting everyone one way or the other. The health implication is rapidly increasing and affecting even the unborn child. In Huntington county alone, one out of every five babies born has been exposed to drugs before birth. They go through painful withdrawals syndromes from drugs like heroin, oxy, fentanyl and other opioid-based substance taken alongside heroin by their mother during pregnancy. This is so devastating for these babies and most of them go down with neurological symptoms that are alien to medicine. However, these deaths caused by tolerance and the eventual overdose of opioid is what Kratom is successfully addressing. In this book you will learn the following: - All you need to know about Kratom - Is Kratom an Opiate? - How Heroin and opioid based painkillers leads to tolerance and addiction - Mechanism of Action of μ-Opioid Receptor Agonist and Antagonists - The Mechanism of Action of Full Opioid Agonists - The Mechanism of Action of Partial Opioid Agonists - Opioid Withdrawal and its phenomenon - The Feeling When Kratom is Ingested - Medical benefits of Kratom - Kratom Dosage to treat Anxiety and Depression - Kratom Dosage for Chronic Pain - Kratom Dosage for Weaning Heroin or Other Heavy Opioids - Kratom Dosage for Relaxation - Different Kratom Strains and their Effects on the body - Self conducted Cognitive Test Before and After Using Kratom - Kratom Alkaloids and their effects - Half Life of Kratom in the Body - Ways of Ingesting Kratom - Extracting Kratom at Home - Preparing Kratom Tea for Pain Relief - Making Kratom Tincture at Home - The Legality of Kratom in the United States, Europe and Safety Concerns - The DEA’s and FDA’s Position of Kratom - Addiction Potential and Withdrawals - Clinical Trials on Kratom And lots more What are you waiting for? Scroll up and hit the BUY button to get this book into your library.