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The Anxiety + Jealousy Fix 2 In 1: The Proven Concept To Build Trust In Your Relationship And End Your Insecurity Forever

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Author: Katie Neel

Publisher: M & M Limitless Online Inc.

ISBN 10: 1646960939
ISBN 13: 978-1646960934

Do you wonder if your partner loves you enough?

Are you worried that he/she is about to leave you for someone else?

Did you ever consider spying on your partner or even hiring a private investigator?

If you've had any of these thoughts, this guide will show you how to reach a fulfilling, intimate, and jealousy-free relationship.

These thoughts you're having make you anxious even when you don't understand why.

Psychologists have been studying since the 1950s how children had different emotional reactions depending on their attachment style.

Your attachment style describes how you relate to other people, especially your parents and romantic partners.

In 1987, Dr. Phillip Shaver and C. Hazan published a scientific paper in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology titled "Romantic Love Conceptualized as an Attachment Process."

This paper showed how our parental relationships influence romantic relationship.

In fact, early relationship with our primary caregiver can lead you to believe you have to compete for love.

This deep belief leads to anxiety and jealousy in adult relationships.

This book includes:

  • The Anxiety In Relationship Cure: Why You Feel Anxious And How To Address The Problem From The Root
  • The Jealousy In Relationship Solution: Why Is It Destroying Your Relationship And How to Fix It Forever

With these tools, you can change your romantic life, leaving you secure and fulfilled.

In this guide, you'll discover:

  • Why you're afraid of losing your partner to someone fitter, smarter, younger or richer than you
  • 2 different types of jealousy that can either help or hurt you (7 signs to discover which type you're feeling)
  • The hidden skill that you must master to heal yourself (this skill is proven to improve your personal and romantic life dramatically)
  • The first step to a relationship without any jealousy that doesn't involve your partner, your parents or even professional help)
  • The inner marketer technique you must know for unbeatable confidence and a jealousy-free life
  • 5 uncomfortable truths you must accept about jealousy and the most effective way you can handle them.
  • The 3 things you must know about your partner if you want a long and healthy relationship. (No counseling or stressful conversation required)
  • How to handle someone hitting on your partner without looking jealous or being a control freak (if you want to have a healthy social life, this is a must- have)

...and much, more more.

Most books about relationships talk about the mistakes you must avoid without giving you practical and jargon free solutions.

This guide on the other hand contains the best strategies to eliminate anxiety and jealousy. You only need to read a few chapters to find effective techniques that you can apply right away.

So, if you're ready to have a healthy, secure and jealousy-free relationship, click "Add To Cart" now!