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The Art of Losing Control: A Philosopher's Search for Ecstatic Experience

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Author: Jules Evans

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN 10: 9781782118787
ISBN 13: 978-1782118787

ISBN 10: 1782118675
ISBN 13: 978-1782118671

Since the Enlightenment, western culture has written off ecstatic experience as a form of mental illness. But why should rationality be considered the highest part of human nature when we are capable of so many more states of experience?

Piecing together interviews, analysis of ancient and modern philosophy, and his own eclectic encounters with the sublime, philosopher Jules Evans mounts an investigation into what we can gain from mastering the art of losing control. From Aristotle and Plato to the Bishop of London and Sister Bliss, radical jihadis to Silicon Valley transhumanists, The Art of Losing Control is a funny, life-enhancing journey that will change the way you think about how you feel.