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The Art of My Life: The Perspective of Life Through the Eyes of an Artist

Author: Joe Pearce

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

ISBN 10: 1642377457
ISBN 13: 978-1642377453

Award winning fine artist Joe Pearce brings wisdom, humor, and creative perspective to the trials, tribulations, and party that is life. After growing up in the drug culture of the 70’s, Joe Pearce turned to a fundamentalist church for personal redemption. He felt called to become a traveling evangelist and musical artist, which is how he met his wife. Joe eventually transitioned away from that belief system to become part of corporate America. Joe was working a job in financial services, 20 years into marriage, when his wife developed severe schizophrenia. The Art of My Life explores Joe’s struggles with care taking for, and coping with, his wife’s illness. Joe tells a raw, blatantly honest narrative of his unique life experiences while weaving in themes of his and other's art with the hopes of helping people find their passion along their own unique paths.