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The Art of Seduction: Inspired by the book "The Art of War" made by Sun Tzu.

Author: Erick Misael Jara Palacios

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1520257724
ISBN 13: 978-1520257723

Since the start of the civilization, the men have looked the way wooing the opposite sex, to get a profit from that part, named love, sex, etc. We have heard about histories where teach us to love and to fight for the most wanted; but too we have heard about wars caused for infidelities and acts that show us that the sex is a necessity whereby we can do whatever, even fight until death. But the truly amazing, is that it don’t need to provoke fighting between us to attract the opposite sex, keep it faithful and enjoy for the best moments in the life. Seduce to a person it´s a great endeavor for someone, and the warning can be for a lot of months to get the (yes) that more than convinced, compulsorily. Then, had written a lot about seduction´s theme, but this book isn´t like others that is in the market. The art of seduction is the best book that exists about how to attract to the opposite sex, consciously and unconsciously, and ¡without the need to talk her! Is it sounds possible? Not at all. Everything is based in a perception that we transmit to the others, making us attractive or not, in the face of their eyes. But the brilliant idea for this book isn´t at all f by the author. It was inspirited in a book the more than one thousand five hundred years old, named “the art or war” by Sun Tzu, which, isn´t just a military practice book, too is a treaty that show the biggest strategy to applicate knowledge of human nature in the moments of the confrontation. Today, the Su Tzu´s philosophy has gone more beyond the military limits, apply to the business, to the sports, to the diplomacy and to the personal comportment. For example, a lot of words that we can find written in this book are words that you can find in the Sun Tzu´s book (changing for example, unfriend for the conquest´s objective or warrior for seductive.) The vision that the author had to apply the knowledge of Sun Tzu to the theme of seduction, help him a lot to conquer his actual couple, he took his own tips just when he gave for lost his relationship, but finally he got inspire love to the woman who he had strived. This book isn’t just to the men or women, anyone can have it. The core of the philosophy about seduction in in this rule: What drives others to come to you is the prospect of winning. What do you have for someone want to be with you? The opposite, the thing that put off to the other to go to you is the prospect that your low value. What is winning? It’s the feel, when someone interest you, for her beauty, social or economic status, charism, etc. there you are looking in that person the possibility to win, and, for that reason, You are been attracted for her value. But here there is a problem. We are always going for objectives that have more value, for that reason we are rejected. This is important: You can’t seduce to someone with more value if you can’t overcome her in value. For that, this book has key points that have to be considerate before to do some attempt, which will help you to get better attitudes to seduce, directly or indirectly, as well as to value the situation where you are and about it, know how to try with an easy or a difficult objective. Furthermore you will know the importance of friendships with the people that is together to your objective, and how can you make you interesting to shine in your social circuit. The most interesting in an expert seducer is the way that he inspire love, without be inspired to love he first. This is for him emotional intelligent let him get to the action without have damage because just he has to seduce to objectives that he has at his feet. The supreme art of seduction is attracting to the objective without use energies.